… voor de premiere van Tristero’s “Iemand van ons”, en ons mega bed, in het Kaaitheater.


































Stofeerwerk door Nancy Van De Gucht!

Ziet er super strak uit nie?







Exposition / tentoonstelling / exhibition

> till > tot > jusque 29/2/2020

@auxtroisrois pop-up bar 🙂

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Nog heel de zomer op het muntplein. Een project van Cakri en Muntpunt met ons houtwerk 😉

Rebox Jette Is ready to give a new life to some unwanted clothes and games.

Join in the restoration of the ‘Aux Trois Rois’ pop-up pub in Schaarbeek and enjoy its unique atmosphere at the ‘Alles es Just’ festival!


for Les écuries van de tram in Schaarbeek.

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Novanoïs befor and during the Allesesjust festival.



Welcome to Leesstraat! Right in the heart of Brussels, Muntpunt migrates towards the public space providing its very own “oasis of quietude for reading in the open air”. For two entire months this public space installation offers a range of spaces for many types of reading experiences, individual, collective and ludic!

Woodwork for Muntpunt and Cakri.
Where will you be reading this summer? 😉

kiosk in actie

Work in progress, official opening Sunday 8 July. https://www.facebook.com/events/266533454113956/?ti=as

VOENK - Wing Nuts Decor

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